VOLUNTEER and PAID POSITION OPPORTUNITIES This is where it all begins. Some positions may lead to paid employment, appointment to management, or consideration as candidates for the Board.  All positions are remote.
The HVA Volunteer program is designed to:
  • Allow the first time volunteer the opportunity to get acquainted with the HVA family.
  • Provide the training, tools and supervision necessary for success on the job.
  • Give each individual time to get to know us before making a long term commitment.
  • Develop a panel to draw from for paying positions and initial Board members.
  • Recognize and reward the work of each volunteer.

There will be three volunteer categories, each with its own level of responsibility and benefit.


First time volunteers, those seeking paid positions, managers and executives must each complete a period of provisional service. The length of provisional service will vary by individual and circumstance and may be waived on an individual basis at the discretion of HVA.


  • Member in good standing
  • Application and Interview
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Position specific training
  • Scheduled start date
  • Mid task evaluation interview

Certify for permanent position
Invitation to Regional HVA events

Current openings for provisional volunteers

  • Social media manager
  • Graphic designer



  • 3 months successful provisional service
  • Supervisor, or founder recommendation
  • Interview on position requirements
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Position specific training if needed
  • Scheduled start date

Credit on volunteer list
Invitation to and preferred seating at all Regional HVA events

Openings for Certified Volunteers:

  • General Council
  • Web developer
  • Social media manager
  • Graphics developer



  • 3 months successful job related certified service
  • Supervisor and founder recommendation


  • Credit on ministry volunteer listing
  • Invitation to and preferred seating at all regional HVA events
  • Eligible for expense reimbursement per current schedule
  • First consideration for paid positions

Future openings for Senior Volunteers:

  • General Council
  • Senior Web developer
  • Senior Social media manager
  • Senior Graphics developer