Associate VSO

Representatives from Associated Service Organizations (ASOs) meet in a private forum on the Social/Advocacy website to:

  • Discuss all aspects of the HVA project
  • Select a member to represent their viewpoint on the HVA Board of Directors. (full voting privileges)


Item 1. HVA and ASO will enter a well defined and limited association for the purpose of enhancing VA health care for our Members.

Item 2. Association will not result in change of ownership, management or operations of either party.

Item 3. ASO agrees to adhere to posted Terms of Use and to refrain from actions that would reflect badly or cause harm to HVA, directors, or staff.

Item 4. HVA will provide and maintain a Social/Advocate website on the domain

Item 5. HVA will authorize the ASO or designate shared use of the social timeline.

Item 5a. ASO is responsible to observe for suicidal or other violent tendencies of members on the timeline and refer to the nearest VA, or private provider per current protocol.

Item 5b. Responsible to moderate timeline comments related to VA care (when necessary) and, following defined protocol, attempt to resolve issues locally with the Clinic Patient Rep. If resolution is not possible, refer to the HVA Advocacy department.

Item 6. Advocacy Intake will review, document and prepare the case, then assign a Member Initiated Reporting Process (MIRP) number.

Item 7. MIRP Panel elected from and by ASOs follow approved protocol to seek further relief up the Chain of Command.

Item 8. Associate Members pay an annual $250 registration fee.