As the newest and most unique of Veteran's Service Organizations, HVA is being developed to:

  1. Magnify our voices to VA Directors, the Commander in Chief, the VA Secretary and elected representatives in support of full implementation of the VA Choice and Accountability Acts.
  2. Provide a community for our members and families.

Utilizing the power of the social web in a exciting new way, the HVA web platform is radically new in concept and delivery.

Here members will be able to:

  • Assist our Commander in Chief in implementing the VA Choice and Accountability Acts.
  • Point out improper management of, or incomplete implementation of mandated programs.
  • Give out an ‘atta boy’ to those at the VA and in our Government who are serving us well.
  • Point out inefficiencies, neglect, mistreatment and abuse in the VA system.
  • Search for and connect with those we served with.
  • Tell our story: How our injuries happened and how it has affected our life.
  • Share and learn from those who have had similar experiences.
  • Keep up with the latest in VA medical care and other Veteran benefits.

HVA isn't a part of, or under the direction or control of the VA or any other government agency or Veteran’s Service Organization

  • Designed to complement the services of other VSO's without duplication of effort.
  • Not designed to replace the support of family members and loved ones. They are your front line. Cling to them.
  • Not designed to replace competent medical care.

Full membership is limited to those who have suffered handicap due to incident of service in the US armed forces, or to VA care. DD214 and VA Award letter, or proof of application from another recognized Veteran's Service Origination required.

Associate membership with varying benefits available to parents, widows and children of member and to public supporters.