Developed by Handicapped Vets for Handicapped Vets, the HVA mission is to:

  1. Provide unique services and benefits to Members that complement those of other Veteran's Service Organizations without duplication of effort.
  2. Magnify our Voices in support of timely and adequate healthcare for our Members and for fellow Handicapped Vets.
  3. Support the full implementation of the VA Choice, Accountability and subsequent acts relevant to our Members and fellow Handicapped Vets
  4. Promote the full implementation of concurrent pay and other benefits for our Members and fellow Handicapped Vets

As the newest and most unique of Veteran's Service Organizations, HVA will serve our Membership by:

  • Developing a Vibrant, Supportive and Safe online community for our members (launches 4 July)
  • Providing an open timeline for Members to visit, catch up and discuss issues
  • Member forum to describe your injury and how it happened
  • Opportunity to give an 'Atta-Boy'
  • Sponsoring local and regional Family Friendly conferences and meet-ups
  • Licensing local and State HVA Posts
  • Developing and hosting social sites for HVA Posts (optional)
  • Licensing member owned and operated HVA Supper Clubs

Full membership limited to those who have suffered handicap due to incident of service in the US armed forces, or to VA care. Associate membership available for member parents, spouse, children and widows.

HVA isn't a part of, or under the direction or control of the VA, other government agency or Veteran’s Service Organization.