Let's pay homage to those who have gone before.

... and give deference to those they left behind.

Coming Soon. Widows beneficence fund and social site.

Advocate of Organic Living and Alternative Medicine

Not Designed to Replace Competent Medical Care

This website will be complete and ready for a shake down cruise in March. After time at the dock to adjust things a formal launch date will be announced. At present we're targeting the 4th of July.
The HVA mission is to provide services to our members that are not available thru other Veteran's service organizations.
Being developed by a handicapped vet for handicapped vets, and utilizing the power of the social web in a unique way, HVA will soon become 'the' place for us to reunite, catch up, exchange stories and share coping skills. It will also become our collective voice to the VA and to our elected representations.
When complete the platform will allow members to:
  • Search for and connect with members of your unit.
  • Visit and chat on the timeline, or by private message.
  • Share and learn from others with similar experiences.
  • Tell your story: How your injury happened and how it has affected your life.
  • Keep up with the latest changes in VA medical care and other Veteran benefits.
  • Give out an ‘atta-boy’ to those at the VA and in Congress who are serving us well.
  • Point out inefficiencies, neglect, mistreatment and abuse in the VA system.


  • A part of, or under the direction or control of the VA or any other government agency or Veteran’s Service Organization.
  • Not designed to replace the support of family members and loved ones. If you have them, they are your front line. Cling to them.
  • Not designed to replace competent medical care.

HVA IS DESIGNED to compliment, not compete in the services offered by other Veteran Service Organizations. Full membership is limited to those who have suffered handicap due to incident of service in the US armed forces, or to VA care. Honorary membership is extended to Gold Star Parents, spouses and children.

Please visit, like and follow our Facebook page for updates and launch announcements.


HVA online news magazine and monthly house organ.